Wilson Márquez Cifuentes de Pereira

Wilson was born in Pereira Colombia in 1970.  He started in art at an early age making both drawings of nature and stamping with newspaper ink and oil.

At age 12 he discovered his penchant for visiting museums, art galleries and historic sites. In his teens he created various art installations in aluminum, PVC, wood, cardboard and acrylic. Some of these installations had engine for movement.

At 16 he won first prize in the school Luis Lopez de Mesa art contest.  From there he began working as an illustrator for his friends and businesses in the region. He studied mathematics and descriptive geometry at the INCCA at the University of Colombia, drawing in Colombo French Alliance and took private lessons in drawing and painting with outstanding art teachers including Arturo Lasprilla López and Martha Bibiana Godoy. He has also studied sculpting in precious metals in the SENA and knowledge management at the University of Salamanca.

After graduation, he designed his own method to study museums in person, using this strategy in several museums in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, United States, France, Holland and Spain. In 2001 he won the award for excellence in the Bogotá Telecommunications Enterprise knowledge management for social equality as the main asset of organizations.

He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions for non-profit institutions and many of his works now belong to private collections in several countries. His artistic catalog is diverse, as it has developed different techniques, as mineral oil lands on canvas, acrylic on canvas and wood, brick, stone, quartz powder, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, copper and aluminum. His life’s project is based on creating human groups with cooperative ways to manage knowledge and disseminate art. He is currently based in the City of Barcelona, where he has his studio gallery and offers all the technological and physical tools to promote artists around the world.

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Entrepreneurship, global vision of Colombians in the world.

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